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Mask of Death Contest Ending SOON!

Our contest deadline lingers ever closer (a little over a week left, guys!) and we only have ONE entry!  Get yours in soon or VeritasNoir is going to win it ALL!  If you want to help sweeten the prize pot with the donation of points, an item, a journal feature, or other such goodie, please Note the group and let us know!  Any motivation we can give folks to participate is welcome!

NEW Staff Positions Available. Help Us Avoid Closing!

In other news, I think I've found a way to alleviate some of the stress here for me so that I can still help manage the group and not feel so overwhelmed by all the tasks that pile up here!

If I can get a person to fill the Submissions Moderator position, I believe I will have time to stay on as the Group Curator helping to promote discussions and other community-related activities that I really want to push forward in this group in the future.  However, if someone wants to be the Group Curator, I certainly wouldn't mind stepping down!  I just don't want to leave this Group inactive unless I absolutely have to.

If nobody joins as a Contest Mod, we'll probably just not have any contests anymore, though they're so fun, I hope someone decides to take up the task!

SOME PERKS OF STAFFING.  You'll have automatic Contributor status where you can post as many submissions and journal entries related to leather mask-making here at the group that you like without requiring approval!  You can also list this as experience on your resume, if you're in need of it.  I'm happy to refer you as a reference, if I should still be the Group Curator after October!  Think of the poooower! :D

Here's a little rundown of staff positions we're looking for:

Group Curator (this is my current job, except add on all the duties from the other positions too for what I've been doing in the past. :faint:)

- Makes general decisions about the Group's direction
- Keeps active discussions going here on dA and at the mirror group on Facebook
- Manages the Group's Twitter and private Facebook mirror group
- Writes Group literature, such as submission and joining guidelines and other important guidelines related to the Group. (IE. upcoming guides in the works include - New Mask Maker's Guide to Selling, Dealing with Copyright Infringement, etc.).

Submissions Mod
- Accepts/rejects Join requests (form letters available to paste)
- Replies to those who didn't properly apply or don't meet join requirements. (form letter also available for this task)
- Answers general inquiries about joining requests and submissions.
- Makes sure Gallery submissions are in the proper Folder, notifying Members when they are not. (Form letters available for this task).

Contest Mod
- Hosts contests for the Group (usually 1 every 3 months, or just whenever they might have time to organize them!)
- Posts journal info, announcements, and reminders for contests.
- Finds people to donate to the prize pot for the contests. Manages the dissemination of prizes after the contest ends.
- Manages contest votes and processes results.
- Designs contest journal themes and images (OPTIONAL, but would be awesome!)

If interested in filling any of these positions, please Note the Group or leave a comment on this journal entry!  Our deadline to close is after votes are counted for our latest contest, so I will need at least a Submissions Manager by that point.

If I can't find at least one Submissions Manager, I'm going to go ahead with the plan to put this Group as not accepting new submissions or join requests, the only activity allowed being journal entries.

But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Any takers? :fingerscrossed:
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Masktastic Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi all, I just wanted to ask a question about finishes. I've been playing around with matte, satin, etc, etc and different brands of varnish for a while - I was wondering what you use as the finish on your mask and why? Is there a finish you know of that's truly waterproof? Just tapping into the knowledge of the group! Thanks :) 
Angelic-Artisan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll post your question in our journal this weekend, but you may also want to ask it at the new Facebook group I started for this Group, as well.  You might get a few more immediate responses!

You can find the FB group here:…

Just be sure to note the group here on dA your FB username so we know who to approve. It is going to be LeatherMaskArt members only allowed there.
ange-etrange Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Another question about selling at a festival. I am allotted one table at a student art sale on campus, so there's not exactly a lot of room. I also wanted to share the table with my watercolors and pyrography work. But how many masks should I bring/make to sell? - Sorry for all the questions. Thank you! :)
Angelic-Artisan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
oh and this one too!
Angelic-Artisan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
My personal opinion is that you should take the work that meshes well with your masks.  If you can have a consistent look/theme across your art and masks, I think that puts across a more professional appearance for your prospective customers.  Try to have vertical displays for as much as you can, as well.  They tend to catch people's eye more than laying your 2d work flat on the table.  A styrofoam head for at least one of your masks is helpful as well!  You can generally find them at wig or beauty supply shops.

If it helps, I've done a few display tutorials that might help.
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